We Teach Quality Techniques to Gain Quality Information . 

Consulting and Training in Forensic
Language Analysis and Interview
and Interrogation Techniques

Forensic Language Analysis and proper
interviewing techniques helps investigators successfully conclude more cases and substantially reduces employment liability for human resources professionals.

It has been estimated that 30 - 40 percent of all individuals lie, fabricate or otherwise embellish when providing information.  The percentages are substantially greater when criminal activity or employee misconduct is involved. 

Unfortunately, in today's environment, you can no longer rely on a handshake or a person's word that they are telling you the truth. People who are untrustworthy or who have a history of bad judgment or criminal behavior may cost you dearly. They can cause you embarrassment, embroil you in legal problems and even endanger you, your family, your friends and other personal and professional relationships.  Forensitec has added new programs designed to assist the business professional with employee screening by offering Pre-employment Assessment, Background Checks, Integrity Testing, and other standardized written assessments.  We can help you select the right person for those critical openings.

Whether you are in education, human resources, law enforcement, private security, general business or a private person who needs to gain factual information, Forensitec will teach you how to get there.  The consulting and training services we provide are adaptable to any occupational or personal environment. If you are an investigator who needs to interview a suspect, a teacher who needs to be able to spot the at-risk student, an employer in search of the good employee or simply an individual who wants to be able to tell when you are being misled, Forensitec will provide you with the necessary tools to accomplish your goals.

We consult with and train professionals in three crucial skills.  These are Language and Voice Analysis, Interviewing and Interrogation, and Employee Recruitment and Screening.  Our efforts are based on over thirty years of practical experience in both criminal and administrative investigations and the most current, up-to-date psychological research involving human interaction.  Continued associations with officers who have completed our courses, our affiliation with the University of Arizona, Center for Management of Information (CMI) and our professional and personal relationship with psychiatric staff at the Gottschalk Medical Plaza, University of California, Irvine Medical Center help us to continually refine our training and present the most accurate methods of gathering truthful information.

Forensitec provides state-of-the-art training and consultative assistance to law enforcement agencies, human resources and education professionals, attorneys, general business professionals and many other people who need to know when someone is misleading them or hiding crucial information.  We teach you how to identify what is real and what is fabricated in criminal and administrative matters, personnel selection, educational settings and in both business and personal relationships.

Forensitec will teach you straight-forward, easy-to-grasp methods which provide the full range of language analysis, psychological screening and scientifically structured interviews.  Independently, each is a powerful tool to identify fabricated or misleading information.   When all three are combined, you have a comprehensive and dynamic process to discover the truth.

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